Olivia Rodrigo & Chappell Roan at Xcel Energy Center

Olivia Rodrigo & Chappell Roan Tickets

Xcel Energy Center | Saint Paul, Minnesota

Olivia Rodrigo & Chappell Roan

The road to great music is paved with good intentions! And that means when Olivia Rodrigo & Chappell Roan comes to Xcel Energy Center in Saint Paul, Minnesota for a show, you need to show up and show out! What both critics and fans have hailed as an absolute sonic event has been selling out all over the country and when it comes near you, take this chance to encounter it once and for all, LIVE! With production levels that are out of this world, Olivia Rodrigo & Chappell Roan has pulled out all the stops to give fans what they came there to experience - the best setlist, amazing sound production, and a stage presence that is second-to-none! Seats are selling out quickly, so you need to act now. Press the ‘get tickets’ button and reserve yours today! Time is running out to get in on this awesome gig!

Its hard to imagine a spring without the finest pop act around....Olivia Rodrigo & Chappell Roan doing a concert and 2024 is just the same....a Friday day of nothing but hits and tunes from the smashing Olivia Rodrigo & Chappell Roan....March is already looking lit! How about you and your pop fan friends inside that huge and famous arena, actually being there for spring, 2024 tour...eating all that tasty food, buying your favourite bits of merchandise and soaking up that POP atmosphere....it'll be what an evening this is going to be! The world famous Olivia Rodrigo & Chappell Roan will be held at the smashing, Xcel Energy Center of Saint Paul, Minnesota on Friday 15th March 2024....the ONLY place to be for such a HUGE night! Now we guess you'll need some tickets? How about your access rehear you ask? It's so simple, you can simply buy directly from here, look above to the 'get tickets' link and press it now to bag some! This could be your only chance!

Olivia Rodrigo & Chappell Roan at Xcel Energy Center

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