For the safety of guests and performers, the XCel Energy Center maintains several rules and regulations, outlined below. Please observe the following below. Guests are generally advised to limit the number of items they bring to the XCel Energy Center to minimise bag searches and avoid confiscation of prohibited items.

Bags and Purses:
All guests may be subject to a bag search. Purses and small bags are allowed, but oversized bags or backpacks are prohibited.

Electronic Devices:
Cameras with a detachable lens or lens of more than two (2) inches are not allowed. The use of flash photography may also be prohibited. Recording on any device (audio or visual) is also prohibited.

Xcel Energy Center reserves the right to prohibit any camera use deemed to be unacceptable.

Lost and Found:
During an event, lost and found services can be found at the Guest Services at section 104/105 on the 100 level. Items will be stored for 30 days. Xcel Energy Center claims no responsibility for lost or stolen items.